YARKYI FESTIVAL 2021-A Celebration of Tibetan Art and Culture

Significance of TIPA

The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), which was founded through the vision of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, is especially noted for its summer festival of Yarkyi, a cultural competition held every year to commemorate TIPA’s foundation anniversary.

TIPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the Tibetan arts and culture in India. As a result, the cultural training institution hosts the Yarkyi Festival to promote Tibetan culture and raise awareness of the rich vibrance of the Tibetan musical legacy among the general public. The festival takes place every year on the anniversary of TIPA’s founding.

Yarkyi Festival Celebration

TIPA was founded on August 11, 1959, and has gone a long way since then, overcoming adversity to keep the rich Tibetan cultural heritage of dance and song alive for the last 62 years in exile.

The Institute’s mission is to protect and promote the Tibetan musical and artistic legacy. Every year, the Yarkyi Cultural Festival is held to highlight Tibetan cultural and theatrical art as part of this endeavour.

This year celebrates 62 years of excellence in the preservation and promotion of Tibetan arts and culture in exile and despite what is going on in the globe, TIPA has managed to keep the spirit alive despite the epidemic through its outstanding performance.

Yarkyi Festival 2018

The Legacy of Yarkyi Festival

The Yarkyi Festival is held every year. Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts students from the institute is participating in the event. This yearly event focuses mostly on the preservation of Tibetan culture and traditions. Each ensemble performs two songs and dances based on Tibetan folk music and dances. Traditional Tibetan teachings have been passed down through chants and dance in these events.

They explore traditional Tibetan arts for a month and then create a setlist of songs and dances to present. They do not take any type of lesson or instruction from a professional dancer or teacher; instead, they gather all of the materials themselves, design and outlay their costumes, and use whatever materials are available in their community.

Yarkyi Festival 2019

Yarkyi Festival 2021

Despite the bleak mood, TIPA hopes to commemorate its 62nd anniversary on August 11, 2021, with pomp and circumstance. With the celebrations just around the corner, Tibetans all over the world must be planning virtual tributes and celebrations on a huge scale for this year, despite the persistent COVID limitations.

Tibetan musical history and arts have gained substantial momentum and international attention in recent years. We would love your presence virtually and contributions towards TIPA’s glory in celebration of Tibetan Festivals.



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